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BC Facility Video

BC Facility Video

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Briarcliff Church has been serving the Briarcliff community for 61 years. From our roots in our current Fellowship Hall, to branching out to our gym, to finally growing into our current Sanctuary in the early 80's, our facility has been a staple in the Briarcliff community for decades. In accordance with the new vision at Briarcliff we would like to re-introduce the community to all we have to offer. From our community rooms to our sanctuary, we would love to share our facility with you!


Community Rooms

Fellowship Hall


Mission Teams

Parking Spaces


Worship Center


If unforeseen circumstances occur and you need to cancel your facility usage request, we need a one (1) week (7 days) notice prior to the approved date of use.  If we do not receive at least one (1) week (7 days), you will forfeit your deposit.

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